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A story of passion, desire and innovation with the world of contemporary art.

DAUM, a family name that has become a brand name, and for 140 years, an ambassador of the exceptional know-how of French craftsmanship.

To elevate the difficult production processes of crystal making to the rank of art crafts and to be involved in the creation of exceptional objects in the long term, such is the work between the DAUM craftsmen and the artists chosen to reinterpret the crystal paste.

A unique philosophy developed year after year, through collaborations with renowned artists.

"The whole life of Daum has been marked by a permanent collaboration with artists from the end of the 19th century. From 1967 onwards, my father, Jacques Daum, followed this approach by seeking out contemporary artists. Like his predecessors and successors, Daum has never ceased to seek ways of adapting to trends and changes in society through numerous artistic collaborations that have left their mark on its creative history.

Philippe Daum, son of Jacques Daum (president of Daum between 1965 and 1976)

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