Collection: Noémie Niddam Hosoi

It is through the history of Greek ceramics that Noémie Niddam Hosoi approaches her art. After obtaining a doctoral thesis in archaeology, she spent several years in Japan and learned the practice of ceramics to reach today a mastery of both gesture and texture.

The strength of her work is rooted in the meditative intention placed on each of the pieces she shapes.

Beyond the search for finesse and purity, it is the time and heart given to the creation that gives the object its inner life. The bowls, cups and vases speak a silent language that transcends the everyday and makes their use a moment so rich in meaning.

With her hands in the earth, Noémie Niddam Hosoi is above all a poet.

And when you walk through the door of her studio located at the end of a flowery courtyard in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, as a student or as a visitor, time appears to be suspended. 

Laure Boucomont, exhibition curator.

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