CARNET DE VOYAGE exhibition┃2020

An invitation to travel

Carnet de voyage is an invitation to escape.

The artists cross paths for the time of the exhibition.

Asia flirts with Africa, falls for the charms of prints,

to the sensuality of the materials.

Antique objects dialogue with those of contemporary designers. The exhibition explores different worlds. Symbols whisper to us forgotten legends.

Paintings, furniture, objects, sculptures,

are gracefully integrated into this cultural odyssey.

Reda Amalou's furniture is combined with Arman's artworks with intensity,

Jun Dobashi, Lise Gonthier, Wilfredo Lam, Lehnert & Landrock, André Maire,

Yann Masseyeff, Kumi Sugai... and,

all those who have had the audacity to contemplate the other side,

and to pay a tribute to it.

More than an exhibition,

a suspended moment that we wanted to be overwhelmingly emotional.