COLLECTION by Reda Amalou exhibition ┃2020

What inspires us? What is the unconscious track that emerges as we make our choices? How do tastes emerge and seep into us?


Through this exhibition, Reda Amalou gives us access to a part of his intimacy as well as to his creative process. Nothing fixed, nothing definitive, nothing absolute, but a simple snapshot that translates what may have touched him at one point. We discover this by walking through the photographs, objects, paintings, drawings and engravings of those who, even more than the masters, are for him fleeting resonances. Le Corbusier crosses paths with Tapiès, passing through the photographs of Picasso by Villers and contemporary artists whom he loves. The whole of what is presented forms a singular panorama, a personal and moving kaleidoscope. A gesture, a flash of light, a colour, and suddenly, an intimate dialogue is established, calling for another gesture, another flash of light, another colour. Art responds to art in a timeless discussion, which far from being an imitation is a perpetual homage. You have to look to make and most of all, you need the others to become yourself.

An invitation to dream, to stroll and to compose one's own collection.