FACE A FACE exhibition┃2022

Affiche exposition FACE A FACE à la SECRET GALLERY

For this exhibition, Secret Gallery offers you a FACE TO FACE...

The sculptor and ceramist Yann Masseyeff and the designer Reda Amalou, confront and dialogue to offer us an unexpected perspective, a territory where shadow and light, fabric and shape, rule.

It is a singular panorama made up of contrasts and symbols, of questions about individuality, about the passing of time, about metamorphosis. Sculptures that whisper to us the nostalgia of other civilizations are staged in the presence of pieces of furniture that impose themselves by the audacity of their simplicity.

This exhibition is also an echo of Yann Masseyeff's art installation on the Place Vendôme in Paris, was held in April 2022.

Entrée galerie art et design

exposition art et design


Entrée de la galerie au 19 rue de varenne 75007 Paris mobilier  Reda AMALOU et tableaux Yann Masseyeff

Tableau Ligne de Vie YANN MASSEYEFF