“AFFINITÉS”,  an exhibition that takes you on a captivating journey where art and design intertwine with subtlety. From September 7th to December 22nd, 2023, Secret Gallery presents a selection of artworks that celebrate the affinities between Africa, contemporary design, and other sources of inspiration, such as Petra in Jordan.

Painters, sculptors, ceramicists, photographers, and designers come together to offer you an artistic experience where subtle connections are woven between cultures, each bringing their unique vision.

Renowned architect and designer Reda Amalou represents the essence of design at Secret Gallery. His selection of pieces with organic forms, noble materials, and lines that are both simple and sophisticated embodies a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. His creations reflect his deep understanding of contemporary aesthetics. Among his featured works are a new secretary crafted in lacquer, a bronze table topped with Gabon ebony marquetry, and the OOMA dining table with a Sahara marble tabletop.

As well as Reda Amalou's inspiring creations, the “AFFINITÉS” exhibition presents a diverse array of talented artists. Admire Jurgen Lindl's sculpted wooden and bronze felines, Sacha Haillote's ceramic masks, and a temple in Petra depicted in tempera on cardboard by Valery Koshliakov. Let yourself be seduced by Constance Ziegler's tapestries, including one that evokes a majestic baobab tree. You will also discover lithographs by Paul Jouve, Fernand Leger, and Tapies, and Wilfredo Lam's African symbols, sometimes with voodoo influences. Explore the sculptures of Yann Masseyeff and the impressive drawings of Youssef Boubekeur, including the powerful "Lion as Maasai Warrior.”

An artistic journey that celebrates cultural and aesthetic affinities, without claiming appropriation. This exhibition serves as a reminder that art has the power to transcend borders, inspire dialogue, and foster appreciation for the beauty and depth of different cultural expressions.