SIGN OF THE TIMES exhibition┃2019

The  exhibition, SIGN OF THE TIMES, unveils 5 years of Reda Amalou’s creations and reflections, questioning the meaning of objects. Taking place at the Secret Gallery, the exhibition will display furniture, lighting and small decorative objects by Reda Amalou Design. 

In a world where everything has a function, each object leaves a trace. It becomes in itself a sign of the times. But our world is perpetually moving, and everything is accelerating. The function of an object becomes unstable. The obvious function perceived yesterday of an object is not the same today. The objects are then at a crossroad: they become absolute hybrids. 

What are they used for? What do they tell us about the world? What will they tell us tomorrow? In this case, does a vase really remain a vase? 

The piece, ‘Ceci n’est pas un Vase, allows us to see the indescribable: its interior is normally invisible to the naked eye. In this exhibition, Reda Amalou, questions: And if he who looked at the object gave it its function ?